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Origin : Thailand

Butterfly Pea is a plant that originated in South America. Commonly grown in the tropics. The properties that are unique It contains a compound called "Anthony Saiyan" (Anthocyanin), which has served to stimulate the circulation of blood. The blood to different parts well, Which makes hair shiny black , improve eyesight

Benefits of  Butterfly pea

- To help antioxidants
- To help reduce the risk of blood clots
- To help the body ‘s immunity.
- Maintain brain , increase blood flow.
- Improve eyesight
- Strengthens the hair for healthy hair growth.
- Slow down aging and wrinkles.
- Use as Ingredient for food or dessert.
- Use as food coloring
- Use as an ingredient in many products, such shampoo, etc.

How to prepare
- Put dried Butterfly pea flower (4-5 flowers) into a cup of hot water.
- Wait for 3-5 minutes you will get the blue water.
- If you like sour taste – Add a drop of lemon juice
   (Water will be changed from blue color  to purple color)
-  If you like Sweet - Add some sugar or  honey for good taste.  ( Cold drink : add  ice up to your taste )