Crystal Jelly wax (M)1kg


HKD 168.00

Country of Origin: USA

Product Description
Gel wax for candle making, used to make a whole range of candles.

Please Note:
Use Moulds made of GLASS.

Tear off lumps of gel wax and place in a heat resistant container.
Put the container in a large pan of simmering water. 
Alternatively you can place the heat resistant container directly on the hob but on no account allow it to boil. 
When the gel is warm and has turned into a liquid, dye and/or wax perfume may be added, a little at a time.
Pour a little of the wax into your chosen vessel, normally a drinking glass or a ready made candle holder. 
Warming the vessel first minimises air bubbles as the wax solidifies.
Add the wick: A cocktail stick put across the rim of the glass will keep the wick straight.
Add the rest of the wax to the desired depth. 
Objects such as confetti shapes or beads may be added at any time but must be heat resistant.

Store out of reach of children. Do not inhale any fumes.