Wild Wintergreen Essential Oils (10ml)

Gaultheria procumbens

HKD 148.00

Botanical Name: Gaultheria procumbens.
Country of Origin: Nepal
Extraction Method: Steam distilled 
Plant Part: Leaf 
Botanical Family:Ericaceae
Chemical Family: Esters
Perfume Note: Top 
Aroma: Sweet, spicy, refreshing, minty
Shelf Life: 7+ years (gets better with age)
Blends well with: Fir Needle Siberian, Lime, Peppermint, Silver Fir

Esters (99.64%)
Other (0.18%)
Phenols (0.07%)
Monoterpenols (0.05%)
Monoterpenes (0.05%)
Oxides (0.01%)

Wintergreen essential oil is warming and often used in aromatherapy ointments to help ease muscle and joint pains, in hand creams for gardeners or outdoor workers.  This oil is good for relief of persistent coughing. The aromatherapy value of Wintergreen essential oil includes analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antitussive, astringent, carminative, diuretic, emmenagogue and stimulant. 

This is a very powerful essential oil with a high level of Methyl Salicylate.  When adding to carrier oils or creams do so sparingly!

Aromatherapy use: inflammation, rheumatism, hypertension, muscle aches and strains, edema  

Contraindications: Overuse can be toxic. Wintergreen contains a high content of Methyl Salicylate (aspirin) that can build up in the body and contribute to Salicylate poisoning. Wintergreen pure essential oil must never be used internally. This oil should be avoided if over the counter medications containing Methyl Salicylate are simultaneously being used. Wintergreen is also a mucous membrane irritant and sensitizer. Wintergreen essential oil must be kept completely away from children since its aroma can be mistaken by a child as candy and result in accidental poisoning.

Caution :
For external use only.
Not recommended for use during pregnancy
Highly cobcentrated. Always dilute before use. 
Do not apply to skin undiluted
Perform a patch test prior to use
Consultation with a suitably qualified practitioner is recommended prior to us
Keep away from children , eyes and pets. 
Store in a cool dry place protected from sunlight.